In my mind, economics represents the relationship between people and their money — a relationship that dates back to the history of mankind. Humanity has always attempted to control, and thus been controlled by, the distribution of resources and its effects on the world. As long as I can remember, I have been fascinated by the laws of supply and demand, the way businesses handle expenses, and the influence trade has on world relations.

My natural affinity for logic and mathematics, along with my high school education in calculus and mathematics at the AP and IB levels, makes me a prime candidate for competency in such a field. Being able, however, to analyze market trends and maximize revenue are skills unfulfilled without the ability to work with people.

Understanding the human side of business is equally crucial to the productivity and success of any company or government.

econometrics personal statement

Success in business management requires a mind open to new ideas and different types of people. It requires a high degree of comfort in working with others, and an ability to solve problems quickly and efficiently. For four years I have participated in organizing school spirit in my volunteer Leadership class, and enjoyed helping to put on community service events in my community.

The position requires a great deal of hard work, organization, communication, and forming bonds within the team. Growing up near San Francisco in the United States, in one of the most culturally diverse areas in the world, has provided me with a mind and heart open to people of all backgrounds, personalities, and opinions. Diversity is an incredibly important aspect of my life, and I hope that such a receptive attitude would be a welcome addition to university. Studying in the UK has always been, admittedly, a bit of a fantastic dream, which many told me would take quite a bit of hard work and luck.

Having spent my entire life in the suburbs, I hope my desire to experience a new way of life is understandable. I had the good fortune of being able to visit Europe for the first time this summer.

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I spent eight days in London and 2 traveling through south east England. I enjoyed the weather so drastically different from that at home. An opportunity to study what I love and make a career out of it would only be heightened by doing so in the beautifully different United Kingdom. I am applying to the economics and management course at Oxford too this year.

I am also applying for the management course in kings college london. I think you need to work on your personal statement and show your passion. Skip to main content.Our economics personal statements will inspire you to write your own unique statement, and help you understand how economics students have successfully gained university places in the past.

My interest in economics and politics arose from the fact that I come from a region which is politically and culturally complex. The countries formed after the break-up of the former Yugoslavia are at different stages of transition and integration into the European Union, and different levels of economic development My major passions, which appeal to me, are computer science, economics, finance and mathematics, and in my opinion there is a creative combination among these varied disciplines.

I have engaged wholeheartedly in these areas both inside and outside of school, and I desire to actively partake in them at university through my chosen courses and extra activities Since I was young, I have always been confounded by my inclination to weigh the potential gains and losses before making decisions An economics personal statement should describe your motivations for wanting to study this subject. It tells the university who you are and why you will make a great economics candidate.

Whether you're applying for an undergraduate or postgraduate course, it's crucial you present yourself in the best possible light to convince admissions tutors you will be a valuable asset to their department. Our personal statement template can help you structure your thoughts into coherent and concise paragraphs.

Start early and give yourself plenty of time to re-draft your statement, and proofread it for spelling and grammar. You will need to go through at least three or four revisions before you have a final, polished draft.

Once you're happy with it, make sure you check it for spelling and grammar don't just rely on Spellchecker for this. Get someone else to read through it if you're worried you might miss something.

You can then think about pasting it into your UCAS form, ready to send off. Skip to main content. Economics Personal Statement Examples. Economics Personal Statement. Examination of any quality newspaper will probably demonstrate that more of the headlines address economic problems than any other topic.

The importance and relevance of economic related disciplines to the modern world have led me to want to pursue the study of the subject at a higher level I now realise taking Politics and Economics was the right choice. My experiences of A Level Economics have shown me the fundamental part it plays in our lives and I am keen to study it in more depth and be able to use my knowledge to complete individual economic based studies Being born and brought up in a country where an uneven distribution of income is a norm, the poor live on a minimum wage of Rupees a day, whilst the billionaires form the sixth largest group in the world History and Economic History Personal Statement.

Studying History at degree level has been my interest since my first ever history lesson in High School, for it is a subject that invites debate and feeds my inquisitive side. I have always been intrigued by what has happened before us and how it has led to where we are now Mathematics and Economics Personal Statement. From the simple Pythagorean to the complex Fermat's Last Theorem, mathematics is a never ending branch of study which I enthusiastically enjoy studying and why I wish to pursue it even further at university For a number of years, I have had a keen interest in events and occurrences throughout the world; I have always tried to keep up-to-date with current affairs, and recently have found stories concerning economic issues becoming increasingly appealing My aspiration to study Economics at both Advanced and degree level has stemmed from my lasting interest in current affairs and world development.

Economics and Management Personal Statement

These issues require an application of Economics in real-life situations and can be related to many diverse subjects such as politics, philosophy and psychology Real money was backed with gold shortly after, causing the greatest economic boom in history for the US where no income tax was implemented Growing up in a deteriorating global economic climate I have come to appreciate the extent to which economics influences the relationships between nations, and the importance of competent macroeconomic managementThe economics is not just a subject but a combined version of many subjects.

You will find many terms of accounting, finance, business, and some other subjects while studying economics.

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This subject is based on some major yet popular specialties. These are econometrics, history of economic thought, international economics, labor economics advanced economic theory and mathematical economics.

You can be able to conduct research in various specialized disciplines within the field of economics by becoming an expert. The personal statement for economics course must be crafted like a pro. Otherwise, it can affect your chances of selection with no doubt. Here are the ten universities offering the Economics programs for graduate, masters and even the doctorate program.

Ultimately, the way you use economics PS writing techniques would matter to see the desired changes. You will find some captivating lines with the samples created by our team. Going for a simple style to grab the attention of readers is something that sets her apart. You will be able to get the admission successfully after writing a good PS. Go for the best help or do this task in the best manner. More practice can lead to positive and expected results.

You should have some patience as well. Economics plays an integral part of my everyday life.

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It is about trying to understand the world and making real and personal decisions. I can attest how economics affects the lives of the people around me. An instance was when the ravages of the recent Asian crisis threatened to level the gains from an era of unprecedented growth in Singapore.

My fascination was spurred with how the economy operates: what makes it tick? It seemed amazing how through specific and finicky aggregate demand and supply. Economics dictates remarkably when and where goods and services would distribute themselves.

This fascination drove me to apply for various internships with several organizations in Singapore. The stint that most impressed me was with Citibank where I was attached to a leading fund manager. I was exposed to the true extent of global economics how capitalist and industrial powers can unfairly influence and dictate the allocation and organization of worldwide goods and services. These enriching internships served as an eye-opener, it reformed my belief that an overseas education will greatly widen the horizons and perspective in my chosen field of study.

The United Kingdom interests me the most because of its outstanding tradition for academic excellence and professional accreditation. An all-around UK university education together with a proven track record for employment will provide the best way to jump-start my career.

econometrics personal statement

These combined with my leadership ability, communication skills and becoming a great team player will surely make me an efficient individual. Bowling competitively at national youth levels my leadership tenured as a school captain. It reinforced the significance of good leadership thus necessitating a need to become an effective role model for my team members to follow.What should you include in your personal statement?

Find out by viewing personal statements below. Plagiarism: Under no circumstances should you use part, or all of this Personal Statement. You immediately risk your university place. Over recent years I have developed a passion for looking at current events and how they affect the economy. This interest originates from the enjoyment I get from using maths to analyse a problem, as many situations can be explained clearly using maths.

Economics is a subject that is very much alive and this is what makes it interesting to me. Every day there are new situations that economists can explore and analyse and I find this prospect extremely exciting. Studying Pre-U Economics has increased my enthusiasm for the subject as I enjoy following macroeconomic debate in the UK and learning how globalisation changes markets. I have gained insights about how firms have had to react to globalisation and how nations use protectionism as a way of preventing industries from collapsing.

The analytical skills that I have developed in Physics have proved particularly helpful as I can transfer these skills to Economics, despite them being quite different subjects. I enjoy following financial markets where you can see how the economic impacts of global events play out and have recently setup a paper trading account.

The trading application helps further my understanding of the impacts of economic events. I can test my hypothesis of a particular event against the change in markets and improve my understanding. I have also enjoyed exploring the world of economics through work experience, the first of which was with Tradition, a global financial services firm.

I learnt how to analyse and rank different trading strategies based on historical data modelling. At Guardian Stockbrokers I witnessed in real-time the impact of macro and microeconomic data on different asset classes. I learnt about different aspects of retail banking and gained insight into how a retail bank works. This helped put some perspective as to how banking has changed over the years after the financial crisis.

Last year, I was selected to represent my school in a Physics symposium and as part of the team my role was to apply my analytical skills and communicate the results to my team.What should you include in your personal statement? Find out by viewing personal statements below. Plagiarism: Under no circumstances should you use part, or all of this Personal Statement. You immediately risk your university place. My interest in studying economics is born from my growing up in the wake of an economic crisis that affects both my present and my future.

The huge rise in unemployment and poverty that followed the great recession are things that mean my generation face a great struggle as we leave education and enter the working world.

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Economics is a subject grounded in that which effects the lives of people all over the world today; it is constantly evolving and growing and there is always more to be found and learnt which I believe makes it a truly brilliant subject. I spent a lot of time reading about world events and watching the news, and learning about the horrors and troubles faced by the entire world all the time is something that fuels my passion for economics.

I believe that as far as we have come as a race, there is still so much further we can go, and so many more ways we can improve, by growing and learning, the lives of people around the globe. I think studying economics at university can help me to change the world — to truly effect lives and improve them for the better, to narrow the wealth gap that allows few to live in luxury and many to suffer poverty, when that need not be the case.

Studying economics at as-level was one of the first times if truly encountered the subject, and learning it with little to no prior knowledge only made it that much more interesting to discover.

I find both micro and macro economics hugely intriguing to learn, as both play a part in the way that countries are run globally, and I feel that understanding and employing knowledge of both are essential for the betterment of societies everywhere. Although I used to believe that maths, while enjoyable for me, had no roots in the real world, economics is something that really showed me how very much it does. In that regard one can almost see economics as being magical; it incites a passionate interest me and I would love to take the subject on to a deeper knowledge.

I recently did work experience at a management practice, which helped me develop my organizational skills and taught me a lot about businesses and management, two areas which are heavily entrenched in economic theory. I spent much of my time there working closely with the manager and owner of the company, and learnt directly from him what it took to start up and effectively run his business. Many of the things I learnt from him were echoes of that which I learnt from economics, and the reality of how theory is applied in the real world is another reason I want to study economics so much.

As a member of a girls guiding unit I learned a lot about how to work as part of a team, and also gained leadership skills as I entered the senior section and I worked for my young leaders qualification. Working towards my gold Duke of Edinburgh award has taught me a lot about long term commitment and dedication, and has motivated me to pursue many different new interests, such as Ju Jitsu lessons.

The pursuit of this martial art gave me a lot of new self confidence as I learnt self defence, and it has also taught me a lot about self discipline. Don't just read one personal statement and move on.

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Typically, successful students research more than 12 examples! See what past students have submitted for their Economics Personal Statement, and see more examples. Use these personal statement examples for univeristy. They will help you structure your personal statement by following those who have been successful before.

Read the good personal statement examples on Uni Compare, and begin to break them down into bitesize chunks. Now it's time to write your own UCAS statements. Once you've written your UCAS statement, you'll be ready to share and gain feedback. Your statement could apply job applications.However, I wish to explore further the causes and effects of human interactions.

The study of economics and politics provides explanations and predictions, as well as more universal theories, which underlie human behaviour, as well as offering insight into the validity of the various political choices competing for our favour. The subjects I am studying at A Level provide a good grounding in skills and knowledge for these two interrelated disciplines.

English Language ensures that I can analyse, and communicate clearly and effectively, in both the spoken and written mode. History — the study of the past and its implications — is most valuable as it provides research skills and improves my essay writing, as does Psychology which also gives some insights into how our minds variously function.

Physics develops experimental and — along with Mathematics — analytical and problem solving skills, as well as ensuring my abilities have breadth.

I am most enthusiastic at the prospect of having my abilities stretched and raised to a much higher standard, especially as I have not studied economics or politics before. By the end of my degree course I also expect to be a more astute, mature person; I shall certainly take advantage of all the various social and sporting opportunities your university offers. It is my current career ambition to have a job in professional politics as an MP, to play a part in national policy making and legislation, as well as experiencing the pride of being a democratic representative of the people.

This ambition flows from my concern for the wellbeing of others and the continued freedom of our people. Your degree course is ideal preparation for this career because it will impart the knowledge necessary for informed policy formation, and the skills — such as good communication and effective debating — needed to succeed in this competitive occupation.

I am a member of the Conservative party and follow their policy reformation after with interest. For example, I use the Internet for study and research into areas of interest, such as comment on government policy decisions, and upgrading hardware myself.

I also enjoy walking with my family and our dogs in the Dorset countryside, and am a member of the Vegan Society.

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The statement is quiet good and competitive and can really help a beginner like me. One thing I noticed is the statement was TOO specefic as if a student applies to more than a university via UCAS and that happens so the statement is comparitely helpless in this case.

Very nice statement, i like the references to real life situations. I'm not sure about mentioning your political leanings though! Maybe its a bit unprofessional, and if not its definately besider the point. I suppose only Oxford and the other bastions of Etonian middle class culture will care much for Toryism anyway!

Any way, nice one with the statement.

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I'm not a tory, but why should you back out of expressing an opinion? I thought it was pretty good.

econometrics personal statement

The guide on this site says don't show any political affiliations so have you made a mistake by saying you're a tory? Even though I found this PS very interesting and rightly so 'personal', I thought revealing you political leaning was very well done and probably a major factor in convincing Unis to accept.

Nonetheless I believe that last sentence ruined the whole thing for you, its as if you went from a learned scholar to a child summarizing his activities of the day 'I went on a walk with my dogs'. Skip to main content. Economics Personal Statement. Year applied:. So good, and yet Your name. Please complete the check below to help us prevent spam comments.My wish to study economics has grown out of an increasing interest in current affairs in the media, and my growing sense that most things in the public world come down to considerations of finance.

It also has the attraction of immediate relevance. The present economic crisis is momentous, with wealthy countries suddenly, in a few months, coming to the edge of bankruptcy, and the new economies of Asia suffering the disappearance of the markets that have given them prosperity. To work in this field, and to run a business equipped with a sound knowledge of economics, seems to me to be of the utmost human importance and offers great professional satisfaction.

The economics I have already studied has given me a good insight into the way the subject affects our lives. I am keen to study the ways that consumers behave, how monopolies distort markets, and the balance between markets and human welfare. I am also interested in macroeconomic issues such as the interaction of the main sectors of the economy — production, finance and the labour market.

The amount of money in the economy, the way aggregate spending is determined and its relation to supply are fascinating questions. There is much to learn and the concepts are complicated, but the interest, both intellectual and human, is consuming. I was involved in financial modelling with a group of experts, and I wrote translations of papers from Russian into English. I sat in on company meetings and observed the formulation of company policies.

It was a thrilling taste of the reality of the world of big business and international economics. I also had a brief internship at the Kazakh Embassy in London, working as an assistant to the ambassador and writing translations of papers. It was exciting to be at the heart of international affairs in this way, and helped me to develop my communication skills and my ability to work with others in a team.

At school I had a very active life. I attended the after-school economics workshop, where we discussed current affairs and argued about economic theories. I was also a keen sportsman, playing football and rugby for the school team, which was good training in self-discipline and cooperation.

I also worked in a drama competition as a director and actor. I am polylingual, having Kazakh as my mother tongue, and fluent Russian and English, a great asset in the modern globalised business environment.

econometrics personal statement

The career options open to someone equipped with an economics degree seem immensely diverse and thus very attractive. Economics is a subject that I feel touches on nearly all human activities in some way, from political decisions to questions of household management and planning how we as individuals wish to live. I have a good academic record, and can promise to make a great success of a degree course, and I hope you will consider my application.

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