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Whether you have an Onan generator or other type of small engine equipment, Jack's has the replacement parts and accessories you need. Select a category below.

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Onan Circuit Breaker. Onan Connecting Rods.I priced out the engine parts on line for what other people are asking. There is two many two list. I want two sell them all together Not peace by peace. I have two like new starters. Only started engine a few times.

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I have a new Coil. I have an older Miller Generator Type Welder powered by a 2 cylinder Onan gas engine with electric start. This is a stick welder with volt and volt outlets which could also be used as a backup generator. It has been sitting in my garage for several years since last used It worked perfectly then and shouldn't take much to get it going again. I also have a trailer portion of a mobile compress.

Onan engine - generator Onan Electric Plantstored insidedo not know if it turns overdo no know if it will run or last time it didgenset. Onan PG Engine in running condition,Can view engine running in person. To be removed from Tractor when sold. Will remove ad when gone. Not currently running, but spins free. Onan TG 24hp horizontal shaft engine for rebuild. It came off a saw mill and had been rebuilt by 31 hours ago. My hired had forgot to check the oil and it burnt some due to the fact that it was not really broken in yet from the rebuild and it ended up running out of oil.

I believe that a valve is stuck on one of the cylinders and it hit the piston and it bent the valve so it is stuck open. Was removed in fully working condition from a school. Kept inside so no cabinet available. Build your own or put inside shed etc. Has a built in battery maintainer and block heater. It will need an external fuel tank to run. John Deere Diesel Engine.

A 3 phase tra. John deere garden tractor. Hydro fluid was replaced last year with hy gard. Oil was just changed on engine. Starts right up does not smoke.Forums New posts Search forums. What's new New posts New media New media comments Latest activity.

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onan 2 cylinder diesel engine

New posts. Search forums. Log in. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Anyone have any experience with twin cylinder Onan engines? Thread starter steved Start date Mar 30, Mar 30, Joined Feb 6, Messages Location Reading.

I have a 16HP twin cylinder Onan that misses sporadically, and only on one cylinder I thought bad gas initially, but it should miss on both cylinders if that was the case.

Adding fresh gas did seem to help, but when I started it tonight it missed like it did before. It backfired badly tonight, which it didn't do earlier. We replaced the plug wires and the plugs I'm thinking its either a coil issue not sure why it would fire one side and not the otheror possibly a compression issue. I'm not sure what the ignition system on a Onan looks like This is for my old beasty Gravely garden tractor, soon to be firewood hauler.

Joined Sep 19, Messages 1, Location mass. Joined Feb 7, Messages 1, Location s. Sticking valve or too tight adjustment. If it has or had bad gas in it try fresh gas with a cleaner, seafoam or such. It may help free a sticking valve.

Onan engine in buy and sell

Compare spark when it misses to rule out ignition.Sure, ad-blocking software does a great job at blocking ads, but it also blocks useful features of our website like our supporting vendors. Their ads help keep Steel Soldiers going. Please consider disabling your ad blockers for the site.

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MEP-802A MEP-803A Filters and Parts

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onan 2 cylinder diesel engine

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The best is a quality filter for a good price. Last edited: Feb 19, Further additions 1st Important Unit check! It also has the ME-8xx 15kw and higher fuse mods listed too. Howdy, All the manuals you will need to do anything with your units are here on Steel Soldiers. Last edited: May 9, Saved for further additions Sticky Time I would also suggest that you help support Steel Soldiers and become a member here.

What all do you get for upgraded membership? Increased PM box, access to the members only sections. Also we're looking to expand membership incentives, those are still in the works and will be announced later.Onan designed and produced its own air-cooled engines, becoming the first company to develop opposed two-cylinder engines with the necessary low level of vibration.

Four-cylinder engines later were added to the line and Onan became a leader in the production of gasoline engines in the 5 to 40 horsepower category. The Onan engines were the first with such features as pressure lubrication, aluminum cylinder blocks with cast iron sleeves, and replaceable bearings.

Onan Parts

The small Onan gasoline engines were so well designed that other original equipment manufacturers clamored for them, launching the firm into a new market as a supplier of small industrial engines for purposes other than powering generators. Starting in the late s, Onan engines were sold to manufacturers of truck refrigeration units, rotary tillers, pumps, and many other pieces of equipment.

It also was in the late s and early s that Onan entered the diesel engine market, a field that today holds tremendous promise for the future. Onan is now marketing its new L Series family of diesel engines ranging in size from 15 to horsepower.

onan 2 cylinder diesel engine

Since Onan has been supplying electronic AC power conditioning and frequency conversion equipment. This new product line was the result of the acquisition of Elgar Corporation in San Diego California. Elgar is now a wholly-owned subsidiary of Onan. The highly sophisticated equipment made by Elgar is designed to eliminate power variations, voltage drops, line noise, to correct other power line problems, and to provide uninterruptible power.

Elgar manufactures high isolation transformers, AC line conditioners for laboratory and instrumentation application, AC power regulators for computers, instrumentation and other high technology loads, and uninterruptible power systems for protection against brownouts, blackouts and other power line disturbances. Elgar is also the leading manufacturer of inverters and uninterruptible power systems for the nuclear power industry. In the smaller generator set sizes, Onan makes a wide range of sets for recreational vehicles, special purpose vehicles, military use, construction projects, pleasure and commercial boats, for home use — including standby power, and for portable welding equipment.

In the larger sizes, typically up to to 1, kilowatts, Onan manufactures standby and continuous, or prime, power generator sets for use in telecommunications facilities, commercial buildings, construction projects, hospitals, banks computer centers, retail stores, office buildings, schools, prisons, sports stadiums, and nursing homes to name a few applications.

Governmental bodies and code-making bodies are becoming increasingly aware of the need for emergency standby power that will be available as long as there is a utility outage, and generator sets are the only source of standby power that can meet this need.

So standby power should continue to be an important market for Onan generator sets. Tom Valenty has been especially active in pushing for awareness of the need for dependable standby equipment. One of the reasons for this goes back nearly 30 years.

An experience one evening in the mids left an indelible mark on Valenty. There were about 10, people in the stands and we experienced a local power failure. All the lights went out. The arena was pitch dark and some frightened person in the audience started to scream. In a short time, less than a minute, hundreds of people were screaming.

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This went on for what seemed like 10 minutes. The crowd was at the very edge of panic; anything could have happened. Finally, several cars were driven into the arena with their lights on; they gave enough light to show the crowd there was nothing to scream about.Onan, a power generator manufacturer, began business in Known mostly for its residential and commercial power generators, Onan also built small gas engines used mainly in the welding industry.

As ofOnan no longer produces engines. Prior to discontinuing them inOnan supplied its engines exclusively to welding equipment manufacturers Miller and Lincoln Welders. As ofdealers and distributors of Onan engines continue to offer support and replacement parts for the discontinued products. Onan engines came ready to use and emissions certified, and they required no modifications. Features of Onan's Performer OHV 20, for example, included cast-iron cylinder sleeves, pulse-type fuel pump, volt solenoid shaft starter, fixed-speed governor, electronic ignition, large dual-element air cleaner, full-pressure lubrication and full-flow spin-on oil filter.

Onan's Performer OHV 20 engine provided 16 horsepower of continuous output, an 8. The Performer engine weighed 97 lbs. Lou Martin has been writing professionally since About the Author. Photo Credits. Copyright Leaf Group Ltd.We can also procure, on a personal-basis, units that range up to kW in size. All the units we sell are:. Below are more details and specifications for the units that we stock and have ready-access to.

These are the best diesel generators that money can buy.

onan 2 cylinder diesel engine

The US military spares no expense and never sacrifices quality. These units represent the Best Value Diesel Generators in the world.

Onan Q106D-L / 10399A Single Cylinder Diesel Engine

If you purchase a unit from GMG, you will not be disappointed. We are committed to supplying spare parts for all the military diesel generators we sell, especially to customers who purchase complete units.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have. It is extremely efficient on diesel fuel consumption. They are extremely portable as well. All framing, output and control box, battery trays, etc.

This MEPa features an acoustic suppression kit, a single cylinder Onan diesel engine, auxiliary fuel pump, glow plugs, electric start, adjustable output voltage, output gauges and much more.

These engines are extremely efficient and make these units one of the most efficient units on the market. This MEPD features a Yanmar L70 diesel engine, auxiliary fuel pump, glow plugs, electric start, adjustable output voltage, output gauges and much more.

12) Growing Product Line

Sometimes the nameplate is also scratched off, replaced with the MEPD model name. The former MEPA units are all gas units. This is the sipper of all sippers that we offer at GMG and only consumes. This is also the most portable of all of GMG units, weighing in at pounds full of fuel. Parts are readily available. These units are excellent for extreme portability and fuel conservation. They are desirable for truck-mounted systems, very remote off-grid living, or home-standby if space is a major concern.

These compact, portable, highly reliable, lightweight units are available with either V AC or 28V DC output and have established themselves as the mainstay of portable power for military applications worldwide.

Their open frame configuration allows them to be easily lifted, stacked, or transported by any military vehicle. This open configuration contributes to the ease of maintenance for which these units are noted. Equipped with a manual recoil starter and the ability to be electrically started from their NATO Slave Connector, these units are used throughout the military where pure military power is a requirement or when portability is a necessity.