Welcome, Guest. Please login or register. Did you miss your activation email? This topic This board Entire forum Google Bing. Print Search. Hi all, Been a big fan of the site for a long time, but this is my first post. Recently, we had someone plug in our West Bend 55 cup coffee urn without any water in it and it appears that it blew the thermal fuse at least that's what I believe it is mounted directly to the heating element.

I can't find anyone that will sell me an exact replacement. It appears this component is a combo of two other parts. One seems to act as a thermostat, opening the circuit when a desired temperature is reached and then closes when it cools. The other looks like a thermal fuse that blows at a max temp this the one that tripped open. Any suggestions for the part, either purchasing the exact component or a suitable replacement? I looked for a bit and could find parts that mostly match the specs for the fuse portion will not exceed Cbut they were not mechanically nor physically very similar.

Bit worried about the proper heat transfer to the new part if it's not mounted identically and obviously the safety factors. Thanks so much for any suggestions or help and sorry if there's something obvious I'm missing. That brings back memories About a years ago or late 70's really I worked as a very junior tech for Philips.

B & C coffee maker heat fuse rating?

Being low man on the totem pole I did mostly appliances, and rarely got to work on TVs and stereos We ALWAYS replaced the thermostat when replacing a thermal fuse, as theoretically the only reason the fuse would blow is if the thermostat did not open when the temp reached its opening point, which was somewhat lower than the fuse temp.

Can't help you with a source of parts, but couldn't resist a nostalgic reply. At the lab where I worked mid 90s a "tech" decided to bypass the thermal fuse after it failed on the coffee maker. His argument was "the thermostat would take care of things till the replacement came". The very next day the thermostat stuck again and the whole thing caught fire Got one for my Bunn coffee maker on eBay. Put the comments together and you will realize that the mounting is not ultimately critical.

I have repaired a number of brands and the OEM mounting is often shaky.

Coffee Maker Repairs

It doesn't take much coupling to prevent a fire, which is what this fuze needs to do. I find the parts to repair them at appliance supply stores.

The guys that sell refrigerator gaskets, stove parts and the like.

Cuisinart dcc-1200 coffee pot thermal fuse temperature rating

Or scavenged from sad units found at the second hand stores. There was an error while thanking. SMF 2. EEVblog on Youtube.Necesito un termistor ntc Epoxi color azul con punta blanco ostra para cafetera Cuisinart DCC - Contactar por este medio, por favor.

Jesus S. Epoxy need a thermistor ntc blue with white tip oyster coffee Cuisinart DCC - Contact this means, please. Coffee is not hot when brewed. Temp is now f. How do I fix it so it brews coffee at f or so. Is there a video? Like thermal fuses this is clipped onto the bottom heating element and has two yellow fine lines leading to the control board.

It seems this Thermistor is no longer available OTsee below any suggestions for a replacement? Thanks KB. The coffe pot now works fine. Brews like a champ.

replacement thermal fuse for coffee maker full

Some more info from my recent repair Pex Crimps work on the Rubber hoses too, no need for hose Clamps I found. Unfortunately the NTC thermistor on the element with yellow wires has now died on mine too and I was unable to find a replacement or equivalentso my DCC has gone to the recycling yard in the Sky too :.

Vishay doesn't list any distributors. I've spent some time looking for a comparable replacement part, or the same part at other distributors, but no joy.

Looks like my coffee maker goes to the landfill, for want of a cent part I just pulled mine apart and need this. They still sell these coffee makers, there must be an equivalent part available somewhere. Slide silicone sheath on. Slide silver piece on. You need to replace both the thermister and the thermal fuses to be sure you have these things fixed.

I checked the thermister and it seemed to have the right readings. Replaced the thermal fuses which were both bad and it worked for about a week then both were gone again.

Replaced them and it worked one cycle and gone again. Turns out the thermister is not cutting back as required for the caraf warming cycle, resulting in overheating when brew is done. The fuses then melt to protect it. Por favor necesito saber como se llama esa cosa y donde la puedo comprar. Estoy en Caracas - Venezuela. Gracias a los que tengan bien ayudarmeDiscussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Al, Feb 24, Connect with us.

Electronics Forums. Reply to Thread. Search Forums Recent Posts. Scroll to continue with content. Feb 24, 1. I have a Black and Decker dcm 12 cup coffee maker that seems to need a new heat fuse.

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Perhaps I have the wrong name for it but it's in series between the pot warmer element and the heat sensor switch wrong term again???? It looks like a common carbon resistor only made out of metal with a "pointy" end on it. The markings are so faded on it I can't tell what replacement part to buy. Could someone tell the number please? As an aside, why are there 2 of these "fuses" in series? Do they also provide some sort of resistance? Thanks in advance; Al.

Feb 24, 2. Feb 24, 3. So do you think they put 2 thermal fuses in series just to be safe? Feb 25, 4. Don't know. Good idea if it is Perhaps one is the fuse and the other the thermostat? Feb 25, 5. You should read the rating on the fuse. Many of these are rated at about to about deg Cels in these appliances. You need the correct one. This fuse cannot be soldered in. It has to be crimped in. You will need the crimp feeds or crimp loops depending on the appliance connection typeand the tool to do this.

You can do the crimps with a pliers, but it may not hold as well for contact, as when done with the proper crimp tool. I can tell you that if the thermo fuse blew, this is a sign that the heating element is having some problems.

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When changing it, the new one may not last long, or the heating element will go totally defective. I have seen these go opened, or go short and cause a fire if the thermo fuse does not blow.The coffee maker is generally something people use every day, so when it won't turn on, this can be frustrating.

Let us walk you through the repair process, by first narrowing down the possible parts that could be responsible for this. Check the power cord, switch, knob, control board, thermal fuse, and thermostat. Our guide will let you know what to look for when inspecting these parts, and ways you can fix it.

Refer to your owner's manual for more specific advice on your model. Shopping Cart. Submit Search. Sign in Sign in with Password. Cart Shopping Cart 0 item s in your cart.

Restore a saved shopping cart. Coffee Maker. We're open and continuing to ship packages, however we are experiencing shipping delays. Call volumes are high, please use our self-serve options to cancel or return your order. Coffee Maker: Won't Turn on The coffee maker is generally something people use every day, so when it won't turn on, this can be frustrating.

Knobs engage with the switches in a number of ways. If the knob has become damaged, then it might not work with the switch. To check the knob, unplug the unit and remove the front cover. If the knob is misaligned, put it back in place. If the knob is damaged, remove it.

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You may need to unscrew it or simply pop it out from a plastic clip. Replace with a new knob. Find your Knobs here. If the power cord to your coffee maker has been cut or damaged and the wires have a poor contact, the unit will not be able to turn on. To replace the power cord, flip the unit over and remove the screws holding the bottom cover in place. The cord may be threaded through a clip, you can pull the cord out of the clip for better access.

The cord is attached to the circuit board. Remove the screws holding the board in place and pull it out. To detach the power cord, which splits into two where it is attached to the board, you can cut the wire, strip it, and twist it onto the new power cord, or use a soldering iron to detach the old cord and attach the new one.

Find your Power Cords here. Your coffee maker may not turn on because the exterior buttons are not properly engaging the switch. To access the switch, first unplug the unit, remove the carafe and flip it upside down.

Remove the bottom screws holding the plastic cover in place. Different units vary, but yours may have three connections to the power switch. Slide these back and squeeze the power switch to pop it out of place.

Attach the connections to the new power switch and pop it into place. Find your Switches here. Thermal fuses will stop the flow of power if the coffee maker becomes too hot.Shopping Cart.

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Submit Search. Sign in Sign in with Password. Cart Shopping Cart 0 item s in your cart. Restore a saved shopping cart. DeLonghi Parts. We're open and continuing to ship packages, however we are experiencing shipping delays. Call volumes are high, please use our self-serve options to cancel or return your order.

replacement thermal fuse for coffee maker full

Grid is 1-inch square. Watch The Repair Video. Part Number: SER Availability: 24 in stock. Add to Cart. Order within the next 13 hours. Repair Instructions. Shipping: Ships Worldwide. Warning: California's Proposition Compatibility This part is compatible with the following machines: DeLonghi.

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No questions have been asked yet. Ask a question. Ask our experts a question about this part and we will respond as soon as we can. Join our VIP email list to receive money-saving-advice and special discounts. Model Number Recommended. Submit your question.

replacement thermal fuse for coffee maker full

Thank you for your question! Our experts will get back to you as soon as they can. Ask Another Question. Continue Shopping. Thermofuse - SER Disassembled completely - taking photos for reference 2.

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Check continuity of thermo fuses 2. Bypassed thermo fuses 2 and turned on espresso button then drip coffee button. Both now had power. Could smell hot elements.To create this article, volunteer authors worked to edit and improve it over time. This article has been viewed 25, times. Learn more The "on" light on the espresso machine goes out when you are not doing anything.

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Things You'll Need. Related Articles. Author Info Last Updated: August 8, Check thermal fuse. It will be held down against one of the massive metal parts of the "boiler". Use a connectivity checker to see if the fuse is conducting. You can't get the electrodes of the ohmmeter on the ends of the fuse, so you have to trace the wires back to some metal connection point, and touch the conductivity checker probes there.

If the fuse does not conduct electricity, it must be replaced. Unscrew the clip holding the plastic tube and fuse to the metal part, and pull one end of the plastic tube back as far as you can towards the fuse, and cut the wire from the fuse.

If you can't get the tube far enough to see the wire leading from the fuse, try pulling it the other way. Remove the plastic tube and cut the wire on the other side of the fuse. Connect one end of the fuse to one of the wire ends. Crimp the connector using a proper tool, or pliers if you have not got a crimping tool.The itinerary was very detailed so there was never any questions about where we needed to go and how long it would take.

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replacement thermal fuse for coffee maker full

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