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Oda and what he feels about the anime. Before you move this to the anime section, please consider this is intimately tied with Oda as a creator of the franchise and how it relates to his creation:The actual original manga. People always say he either hates it and shuts up due to pressure from Toei and Shueisha, I have quietly thought that he is so busy he cant actually watch it But people of the former are very vocal and I think they are wrong.

There are plenty of Mangaka who have been openly hateful of the anime adaptations of their work. And now Ahiru no Sora creator loathed the anime and ranted about it on Twitter. So what gives? Re: Oda and what he feels about the anime. You'll have to search for it. I'm sorry but the search function has never worked for me. To speak on this would feel like i'm projecting my thoughts onto Oda. Unless he's addressed his thoughts on the anime, I don't see what there is to discuss outside of "i like the anime, so Oda has to love it" or "the anime is horrible, Oda has to feel the same as i, but can't say it".

Well, that changes with time since it's been 20 years of ups and downs. Oda probably likes the anime and must have been really proud at the start, but he's probably become aware of its shortcomings over the years.

Persona 5 guide: 6/6 Monday (Shadow Shimizu and Shadow Odo) walkthrough

The anime is very faithful to the tone and story of OP, which probably helps Oda to not feel like his ideas are being misrepresented. An author tends to be conservative about his own work and vision, so Oda doesn't have anything to complain in this regard.

The anime also has its strong points, like the great cast of VAs and beautiful soundtrack, so that's good. It's especially noteworthy that Oda is friends with the VAs, which tends to show a positive bias. I feel like there are direct comments out there on the subject that Oda has made himself that generally praise the anime. There has been other comments he's made about the movies or regular episodes that one could almost take as low key criticism.

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I couldn't show you an example from either column as this could all just be my imagination. All I know is Oda generally feels his audience and I just know he's thinking 15 year old him finds much of the later anime after Enies Lobby to be a straight up embarrassment. I'm totally putting words in his mouth but it's true! Get him behind closed doors and off the record, he'd tell you I like this topic a lot because I've been wondering about it forever.

Greg probably knows a lot and I feel like years ago he mentioned that Oda just generally feels an appreciation that his work has an anime adaptation all. Correct me if I'm wrong.Did you check our extensive FAQ? Why did Jada's shadow disappear? Why did it come back? How has the position of the sun changed? Pretend to be a shadow.

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Why do you think that? How is the morning sun different from the afternoon sun? Use different colors for different times of day.

'Persona 5': Tips and strategies for how to beat Shadow Kamoshida

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To reach an on call provider after office hours, call us Your privacy matters. More information.Nobunaga Oda is the alternate universe counterpart of the Nobunaga from Japan and can be considered all other Nobunaga's alternate counterpart.

She sought out the red samurai armor so she could conquer all of Japan but was used by Ieyasu to get it. She reigns from the Sengoku Otome Universe. In Beyond Light and Darkness, She is far more evil and is also a wife of the Demon King Terrantos and she seeks to conquer the entire omniverse in his name no matter what it takes. She will even enslave her own people to do so and even threatened her retainer Mitsuhide if she got in her way she would kill her.

She also only believes in fighting like a warrior and not using villainous tactics like pretending to be an ally to Kenshin or Shingen only to steal thier armor than the other's armor. Nobunaga is also Clueless about technology such as Cellphones as she was going to destroy a cellphone upon seeing it when Hideyoshi showed it to her and she still does not understand why Hideyoshi thinks a cellphone is part of her life. Like Most other Nobunagas, she is Cold as she shows hardly any sympathy or pity for what she does she does not care how many people she has to hurt to get what she wants and she is cruel as well showing no mercy or remorse for the people she kills as she will kill them without hesitation in the most agonizing way but she also knows how to be cruel by using words and not just her blade as she onced said to a farmer in his village that he was nothing but a spec and had no purpose other than to die in a corner.

She is shown to be Indifferent as she is shown to have no concern or rather interest in her enemies beliefs or life stories for why they are fighting in this war as she views all her enemies as nothing but pawns in this game as views the entire war as a game of chess only for the King to Win, referring to Terrantos as the King and herself and his Harem as the Queens. She is also unlike the other Oda Nobunagas, she comes from a Pararel universe where only females live where no males are residences at all.

She enjoys the suffering of the innocent and she cares very little about thier opinions of her methods. She is also quite Bold declaring that she is destined to rule part of Heaven, Land, and Hell's Design even if Her Husband is the ruler of Hell but she sees any resistance to her or Terrantos's conquests as useless pursuits as she knows most of her enmies or the peasants have no chance of beating her because of how weak and usless they are.

She aims to continuously Shock people with her campaigns of Conquest as she took control of her entire Dimension and had everyone made into slaves minus her followers but she is also easily annoyed with Mitsuhide due to Mitsuhide being lesbian as she has repeatdly state she loves Terrantos and is not lesbian but after many annoyances Nobunaga uses dark magic to turn Mitsuhide straight to get rid of a headache as well. Nobunaga adopts a devil's advocate motif, often asking others thier desires and a way for her to grant them similar to how one would sell thier soul to the Devil.

She is an Ingenious individual with sadistic traits, she presents poetic barbs from her opponents in a quizzical and superior matter also questioning them friend, family, or foe wanting answers usually immediatly if not she would hit the one who did not answer usually an enemy or peasant with her Blade of Cruelty. Like SoifonSeras VictoriaMedusa GorgonLucyHagoromo GitsuneAlphard AlshuaRiza HawkeyeErza ScarletErza Knightwalkerand Wang YuanjiNobunaga is a devoted wife as she cares deeply for Terrantos caring for him when he is sick or in pain like the other wives do or when he needs help with strategies against his enemies she along with his other Wives but he is also the 1st man she ever met so she has a deep love for him even though the others may have more love for him than she does.

She of course is also Arrogant as she believes she and Shadowblood and of course her husband will reign in the end without fail believing that its impossible for them to lose making her believe and her minons that she is invincibile but there are times when she knows she can't win so she usually withdraws or comes up with a plan to deal with her foe while she is also intelligent and Manipulative able to trick her enemy into doing what she wants such as going to a lair where she usually has put an ambush before hand hoping to lead them to thier deaths.

She is polite when referring to her enemies but at the same time is quick to call them insects or worms. She is a misanthrope, harboring a hatred of humanity specifically in Japan in her worlddeclaring humanity to have a flawed sense of justice and having forsaken love Despite her having love for a Demonand being inherently violent.

She views herself as the only one capable of making Terrantos ruler of the entire Omniverse, as evidenced by her first lines upon returning from Hell, telling Hideyoshi the world can only have one Dark Emperor. In the Sequel, Nobunaga's personality is expanded on. She is always calm and never loses control of her emotions though she still does lose her temper on occasionbecause she believes her plan will succeed without fail such as when she tears a ripple in the space time continum to summon more power in the world.

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Her intelligence is demonstrated when she formulates the plan to kill God for good and end the war in Terrantos's favor using the Objects pf Power. Nobunaga holds disgust for nihilistic viewpoints, as evidenced by her reaction when Kotaro compares her with Emperor Mateus, and her pre-battle linee with Mateus in the first series implies she disapproves of Mateus, as she threatens to give him "a taste of True Power.

She seems to love him more than life itself and the world. It is unknown how long she's known him but its speculated by Many Soldiers of Shadowblood, she's known him longer than even Soifon but this is later prove incorrect as Soifon states Nobunaga just acts like she known Terrantos longer only because he is the 1st man she has met.

The intelligencer obits

Nobunaga seems to understand Terrantos as much as Soifon does, while she is cruel has never displayed it towards Terrantos, which may be another sign of her love for him. Nobunaga is also the only women in Shadowblood who does not have any narcissim traits not beliving herself more beautiful than someone else and does not shown any physical signs of Sadism, but she does seem to enjoy destruction and Death as evidenced when she destroyed an entire empire for fun. Sign In Don't have an account?

Start a Wiki. Nobunaga, One of the Wives of Terrantos All of Japan will belong to me even I have to destroy it all just to make it mine I bet all of Chaos on it! Contents [ show ]. Categories :. Cancel Save.The real-time graphics rendering capabilities of many engineering software products will get a big boost thanks to the newest Open Design Alliance ODA software update.

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Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. Persona 5. Categories :. Cancel Save. Suguru Asmodeus Kamoshida Trophy of Obsession. Kamoshida's Palace -- Throne Room. Madarame's Palace -- Courtyard. Junya Bael Kaneshiro Piggytron. Kaneshiro's Palace -- Vault Center. Futaba's Palace -- Chamber of Emptiness.

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Okumura's Palace -- Weapon Maintenance. Niijima's Palace -- Manager's Area. Holy Grail Yaldabaoth. Qliphoth World -- Shrine. Yoshizawa Berserk CendrillonByakhee x2. Takuto Maruki Azathoth. Final -- Psientific Model Eden. Eligor Bicorn x2. Kamoshida's Palace -- Ryuji's Awakening.

shadow oda

Kamoshida's Palace -- Ann's Awakening. Madarame's Palace -- Ryuji and protagonist only. Ippon-Datara Koppa Tengu x4. Madarame's Palace -- Yusuke's Awakening. Sui-Ki Oni x 2. Kaneshiro's Palace -- Makoto's Awakening.

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Take-Minakata Oni x 2. Mot Lamia Naga. Okumura's Palace -- Haru's Awakening. Niijima's Palace -- Akechi's Awakening. Battle Arena Ganesha x2, Rangda x3, Thor x1. Oberon Titania x2. Belial and Nebiros x2. Uriel and Angel x2. Michael and Angel x2. Kamoshida's Palace -- Will Seed.Forums New posts. What's new New posts Latest activity. Log in Register.

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The fact that a 12 man team of SF guys can go behind enemy lines and operate independently baffles and amazes me. But I digress. I am 18, joining the army soon as an option 4, 11b. Best regards, Garrett.

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