Mi Gadgets. After all the configuration, all was working perfectly. I bougth this router because I need a good product, and it only worked a couple of hours. I tried to reset it with no sucess using this method When router is powered on, press the reset button and hold for 30 seconds. Use a paper clip or something sharp.

While holding the reset button pressed, unplug the power of the router and hold the reset button for 30 seconds. While still holding the reset button down, turn on the power to the unit again and hold for another 30 seconds. This process usually works for resetting any router to it's factory setting. Note: It is worth reading more about how to reset routers with the 30 30 30 reset and what the risks and considerations are when resetting your router this way, instead of just rebooting it.

Can anyone please help me trying to figure out what is happening and how can I solve the problem? Thank you all. I tried to reset it with no sucess using this method: 1. I don't know about your rule but when you unplug your device from power, what is the use of keep pushing the button!!! Just hold the reset button until the power light goes off and on then it's reset If you need more help after reset, put more details on, like the color of the power light Good luck I don't know if this one is stable or not.

Can you believe it, my brand new Xiaomi R3P has just done exactly the same thing for no apparent reason. Okay so I followed the instructions below as stated by the user above and its working again.

That's possibly the worst advice you can give someone i. Allot of router manufacturers unlike Xiaomi regularly update their firmware's with security fixes, updates, bug fixes etc. Now keep in mind you cant actually power this unit down via a power button as it clearly doesn't have one nor does it have a menu shut down either so effectively every time you switch it off at the plug it could at any point become corrupt again using that firmware and Xiaomi's advice is to NOT turn off your router rather than update their routers ROM.

They seem to be to busy turning out new products than they do refining them and improving them software wise. Save kernel0. My R3p just died when iit got power after a power outage.Under Construction! This page is currently under construction. You can edit the article to help completing it. The OEM software with the exception of their phone app and packaging is available only in Chinese. Use mode that lets you point the phone's camera at text, that provides a live translation.

Mi router HD is a similarly named router which is more expensive and has faster processor and inbuilt NAS. Particularly those that have bad blocks. You can determine the NAND chip on your router by looking at the bootlog message by ssh'ing to your router and running dmesg.

Note that if your router has been running for a while the boot message may not show up in dmesg. Reboot your router. There are two schemes for unlocking.

One method requires some equipments and a soldering iron. The other requires installing an App on your phone, creating an account with Xiaomi which puts your privacy at risk.

Xiaomi Mi R3P 2600Mbps Smart Router For $99.99

If you can't access the web interface, SSH to the router and type:. If you decide you'd rather go back to using stock Xiaomi firmware instead of OpenWRTthe process is easy:. Make sure your router and your tftpd server computer are connected to the same subnet direct ethernet works well. After power-on, your router will pause for 5 seconds at the uboot menu.

Pressing '1' will get you into the tftpboot menu. You can fix things from there ie, sysupgrade or mtd write to flash everything from scratch.

Download stock or 'developer' Xiaomi firmware and put it on a USB stick and plug it in to the router. From there type:. At some point you will see a message saying it's waiting for you to press the 'reset' button.

Press the reset button. It will proceed to reinstall Xiaomi firmware from the file you copied to the USB. In this case the above steps won't work. You will need to restore kernel0 using one of the following methods:. Booting image at bcXiaomi Mi Router 3 is It has three Ethernet ports and two radios one SoC-based 2.

The serial port of the router can be accessed using the TTL pins. Writing to the console in the factory firmware is only possible during first boot; afterwards it is disabled by the firmware. First, we have to flash our stock bootloader and kernel0 partition back to their initial state. But there is a catch, the bootloader partition is locked in pandorabox firmware or any other normal OpenWrt firmware. You will find it in mega link. Don't try the Revert to stock method bcoz it won't work, u will get infinite bootloop.

If your MIR3 is soft bricked, but you have write access to the serial console, you may be able to recover. Unfortunately, due to Xiaomi's restrictive bootloader which locks you out from the serial console! However, it is possible to install an easily-programmable SPI flash module to bring your router back to life, by way of the SOIC-8 sized pad in the middle of the PCB, and a few configuration jumpers.

The MTA SoC used in the Xiaomi Router 3 uses hardware straps to encode a binary number, determining what device to boot from, as in the datasheet:.

The router's new boot configuration should be binary 2and should a compatible bootloader be installed on the SPI chip it should boot right up. U-Boot 1. Booting System Verifying Checksum OK Uncompressing Kernel Image Giving linux memsize in MB, Starting kernel LINUX started Total pages: [ 0.

Done [ 7. For support email ntfs-support tuxera. User Tools Register Log In. Site Tools Search. Sidebar Welcome to OpenWrt. Supported Devices.

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Submitting patches. Wiki contribution guide. OpenWrt Forum. Conversations regarding this device. This has english language, just select the auto in language option. Save kernel0.GitHub is home to over 40 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together. If nothing happens, download GitHub Desktop and try again.

xiaomi mi r3p openwrt

If nothing happens, download Xcode and try again. If nothing happens, download the GitHub extension for Visual Studio and try again.

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Skip to content. Dismiss Join GitHub today GitHub is home to over 40 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together.

Sign up. Xiaomi Mi Router 3 Pro. Branch: master. Find file. Sign in Sign up. Go back. Launching Xcode If nothing happens, download Xcode and try again. Latest commit. Latest commit 2ef Apr 8, Cygwin is unsupported because of the lack of a case sensitive file system. You need gcc, binutils, bzip2, flex, python, perl, make, find, grep, diff, unzip, gawk, getopt, subversion, libz-dev and libc headers installed.

Run ". Run "make" to build your firmware. You signed in with another tab or window.OpenWRT Size: Price Comparison Offer at GearBest. The delivery should not be too high expectations. For local use you need an additional adapter, which most online retailers enclose with the delivery as a free gift. Both routers are visually similar to each other. External differences exist only in the case color and an additional power button, which is only available in the HD model. Another difference is in the processors.

The storage equipment is the same. On the software side both routers are identical and also with the connections, as well as the network characteristics there are no differences. One should therefore consider carefully when buying, whether these marginal differences justify the much higher price. The Xiaomi router model R3P differs in price but also visually from the models of the past year.

The housing is with Dimensions of x The housing consists of brushed aluminum making it visibly higher-quality than the previous models with solid plastic housing. A bracket for hanging the router does not exist. All connection options are located on the back and are easy to reach. So if you have a lot of devices connected to a WLAN, the communication with the router works even faster and is less affected.

The Xiaomi R3P router is by default only available with Chinese language output. When commissioning the router should be the Google translator of the smartphone. The configuration steps are also so easy to understand and after just a few clicks, the router is configured and integrated into the LAN. Afterwards, the user interface can be conveniently translated via the browser. The Web interface all Xiaomi router is identical. Compared to the cheap models of the past year, there are hardly any differences in the configuration options.

If you surf the Xiaomi Pro router locally, you will be greeted by a detailed overview. In addition to general information about the router, such as the firmware version, there are also information on the connected devices, the data throughput, and the CPU and RAM utilization. Within the management of the externally connected storage medium the access possibilities are explained.

In the general settings you can manage the WLANs.

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The 2. In addition, there is also the possibility of a completely independent Guest Wi-Fi to apply. Unlike the web interface, the app is completely available in English.While Xiaomi has focused mainly on AC routers, this router can be a very affordable high-performance router if implemented with OpenWRT.

Can anyone please help? Else I need to buy a new router Mt wifi isn't supported by any FOSS drivers, but someone is packaging Mediatek's proprietary wireless drivers, maybe those do support this chip? I need I just finished doing my own porting of the "mir3p" aka "xiaomi 3 pro" or "r3 pro" to openwrt, and came across this post and dissent1 's message that shows someone else has already done the work For starters, in your. For those who are having issues with Pandorabox I was and would rather not use the stock Xiaomi firmware, I think at least a base openwrt device support with instructions for how to use Nossiac 's binary modules would be useful at least, I would use it if someone else had already done it.

By the way, thanks for your work. That's correct, becuase it describes the inner layout, so don't touch this. Does dissent1 and ilyas ' messages mean that a fully functionnal OpenWRT firmware exists for this router?

If so and sorry for thatcould you provide a tutorial to install it on the R3P? I realized that's what the original firmware uses too. I can verify that making modifications very similar to what dissent1 has linked toI can boot openwrt on R3P. Unfortunately the R3P is the primary router for our school so at the moment it's a little tricky to take it offline for extended testing which is why I haven't tried to have my diffs committed yet.

Theoretically it should work with the closed-source mediatek drivers from nossiacbut he doesn't have modules for kernel versions after 4. So I'm using the source from before the update to 4. I tried compiling the "leaked" mtk drivers which presumably nossiac 's binary modules are based on, and it took quite a bit of fiddling due to changes in header files but it compiled in the end, although I didn't test it. Presumably that's why there haven't been more binary releases.

I'm supposing the solution going forward will be to a help nossiac by providing him diffs so he can compile his sources using the latest openwrt. I would be happy to help but unfortunately I don't have the skills to help Nossiac by providing diffs. Unless someone tell me how to do it Hi, is this thread still active? I'd love to flash a custom firmware to my R3P.

I've used DD-wrt in the past but my old router was supported so it was easy. Not entirely sure where to start on the R3P, but I'm willing to help test this out. I was kind of hoping to see development for the Xiaomi R3P Pro and the Xiaomi Router 4, but sadly it doesn't look like its happened yet, if ever. They both look like they have some really good hardware, probably ideal for OpenWRT.

If anyone stumbles on any news or updates please let me know.Your initial network configuration needs to be done via uci. As of the time of this editsome users have reported Wi-Fi to be unstable. Do not attempt to perform firmware updates via Wi-Fi in order to avoid damage to your device. U-boot is enabled, and you can write a new U-boot if you want to. Console writing in original firmware is disabled.

You can only upload official Xiaomi rom, but you're free to retry flashing OpenWrt afterwards.

xiaomi mi r3p openwrt

You choosed 3 0 3: System Boot system code via Flash. Writing to SPI Flash OK Uncompressing Kernel Image Giving linux memsize in MB, 64 Starting kernel LINUX started Total pages: [ 0. Erasing overlay Done [ Booting image at bc OK No initrd Transferring control to Linux at address Use the "passwd" command to set up a new password in order to prevent unauthorized SSH logins. User Tools Register Log In. Site Tools Search.

Sidebar Welcome to OpenWrt. Supported Devices. Submitting patches.

Xiaomi Mi R3P Review - Mi Pro Router

Wiki contribution guide. OpenWrt Forum. I recommend using google chrome for easy and complete page translation since original UI is in Chinese.

xiaomi mi r3p openwrt

Ignore any warning regarding downgrading. Wait for minutes. After the router is back on again, you need to set a root password to be able to log in.

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Now you should get a code 0 response if everything went okay. Let's login. Flash the image.

xiaomi mi r3p openwrt

Hook up the router with your computer via ethernet. SSH into the router IP Generic MT rom works, but WiFi doesn't. It is in testing, for now. I used PandoraBox-ralink-mtxiaomi-r1cl-squashfs-sysupgrade-r Use static IP on your Ethernet port: Write the name of the ROM.